Morning Industry Symposium:
Magseed and Magtrace – Global experiences and latest data

Supported by Endogmag/GRC Surgical          


Saturday, October 16, 2021                                                                                                                                         Hall A
07:00 – 08:30
Breakfast will be served prior to the session

Chairpersons Bruce Mann, Melbourne, Australia
Alastair Thompson
, Houston, TX, USA
07:30-07:45 From the first RSL cases to Magseed and Magtrace
Emilia Dauway, Urraween, QLD, Australia   
07:45-08:00 The UK iBRA data, the largest non-radioactive seed series in the world
Rajiv Dave, Manchester, UK
08:00-08:15 Advanced uses of the Sentimag in the US
Jill Dietz, Pittsburgh, PA, USA 
08:15-08:30 Discussion