Morning Industry Symposium:
The role of the nurse in assessing, triaging and managing metastatic TNBC
Supported by Gilead

Saturday, October 15, 2022                                                                                                                                                                     Hall C (Room M1)

Breakfast will be served from 07:00-07:30, half an hour prior to the start of the session.
Admission to this symposium is included as part of the congress registration


Jenny Gilchrist, Sydney, Australia

Group 1: What is the role of the nurse managing breast cancer patients?
Marisa Stevens, Melbourne, Australia

  1. What to communicate with the oncologist
  2. Boundaries
  3. What and when to delegate
  4. Empower nurses to contribute and take the lead in areas of expertise
Group 2: Diagnosis of TNBC disease
Gill Kruss, Melbourne, Australia

  1. Provide better understanding of the whole process for patients
  2. What investigations are done to diagnose TNBC disease
  3. What is progression, how is it determined
  4. What are the differences for de novo metastatic patients
Group 3: Assessment skills – Phone vs F2F
Sam Moules, Sydney, Australia

  1. Key things to look out for re Trodelvy
  2. Emotional wellbeing
  3. Physical activity
Case study
Marisa Stevens, Melbourne, Australia


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