Molecular testing in early breast cancer: Perspectives from a surgeon, radiation and medical oncologists

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Tuesday, October 19, 2021
20:00 (8:00PM) (AEDT)

Chairperson Frances Boyle, Sydney, Australia
20:00-20:05  Welcome & Introduction
Frances Boyle, Sydney, Australia
20:05-20:17 Selecting Patients with Luminal Tumours for Neoadjuvant chemotherapy
Andrew Spillane, Sydney, Australia
20:17-20:22 Panel Discussion
20:22-20:34 Predicting the risk of recurrence in ER+ve early breast cancer: when and how do genomic assays help in our decision making?
Belinda Yeo, Melbourne, Australia
20:34-20:39 Panel Discussion
20:39-20:51 The Clinical Utility of Genomic Assays on Radiation Therapy Decision Making in DCIS and Early Breast Cancer
Gillian Lamoury, Sydney, Australia
20:51-20:56 Panel Discussion
20:56-21:00 Summary & Close
Frances Boyle, Sydney, Australia


Fran Boyle Gillain Lamoury, Australia
Fran Boyle, Australia Gillian Lamoury, Australia Andrew Spillane, Australia Belinda Yeo, Australia


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