Pre-Congress Workshops

Thursday, October 13, 2022

Morning Workshops

1. Breast cancer in young women: Understanding differences to optimise outcomes

Whilst less than 10% of all breast cancer diagnoses occur in women under the age of 45, the management of breast cancer in these women is challenging and complex.  This workshop, aimed at all attendees will cover issues unique to younger women such as fertility and early menopause, and endeavour to help participants understand the differences specific to this cohort of women, so as to facilitate the best outcomes.

2. Contrast based breast imaging

Breast practitioners are learning that Contrast Enhanced Breast Imaging (including PET, but particularly CEM & MRI) introduces complexity to patient management.  Lesions are detected earlier and more accurately mapped, improving long term outcomes, but probably only if multidisciplinary management evolves.  Evidence and experience suggests that radiologists need to become more clinically focused, surgeons to adopt new treatment paradigms, pathologists be assisted to find the lesions in excised tissue, oncologists informed about implications, and patients have their expectations managed. This multidisciplinary workshop, presented by international and Australian experts, will help us all toward to an understanding of these issues.

3. Bioethical dilemmas 

Bioethical dilemmas in breast cancer diagnosis, treatment and research. This case-based workshop will explore some bioethical dilemmas in breast cancer research ethics, human dignity and patient care in the context of the growing presence of AI, genetic testing, and the world of social media.
Attendees are invited to send questions, ethical issues or cases in advance for discussion during the workshop. Send content to with the subject line BIOETHICAL DILEMMAS – FOR DISCUSSION.

Afternoon Workshops

4. Hereditary breast cancer

This workshop aims to provide the tools to effectively integrate hereditary risk assessment into practice. The identification of genetic predisposition syndromes has significant implications for cancer screening, surgical treatment, systemic treatment and psychological impact on the patient and their choices. This workshop is aimed at providing a practical approach to the management and implications of hereditary breast cancer.

5. Radiation oncology: Clinical updates and clinical challenges

This workshop is open to all but will be focused on the management challenges faced by radiation oncologists treating breast cancer in their day to day clinic. It will be an interactive session utilising a mix of international and local faculty speakers. There will be clinical updates, including major trails reported through the Covid period where conferences and such sessions have been limited, alongside case based discussions to highlight and workshop the clinical conundrums seen in clinic. The breast cancer landscape continues to evolve for the radiation oncologist and this workshop will facilitate peer to peer discussion around topics such as fast forward fractionation, optimal management of patients following neoadjuvant chemotherapy, DCIS patient selection and more.

6. Challenging communication

We all have challenging patients, and face situations that test us ethically, emotionally and psychologically; knowing the best approach is often difficult.  How do you continue to care for patients who don’t want to be cared for? How do you continue to respect a patient’s wishes and desires, even if what they are asking is against what you know to be true or is against your own beliefs, morals and experience?  How do we tell a young mother of two that we have run out of treatment options?
This workshop, aimed at anyone who looks after patients with breast cancer, will draw on our clinical experts’ experiences and address how best to manage these patients within the context of the multidisciplinary team.  Our experts will provide practical tips on how to face these situations head on, within the boundaries of professionalism.

To register for one or more of the workshops, please visit the registration page.

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